Welcome to Yoga In  Action

At  Yoga In  Action  we invite  you to  explore  yoga…  your  yoga . Yoga  that  will  provide you the  benefits  you  want  and  focus on the  results of  you r personal goals . Our  programs and classes are  designed  with the  focus  of  our  client needs and  wants in  mind,  adapted  to the  individual. 

IN SCHOOL PROGRAMS   developed to  support  the  mandated  school  requirement and  learn  allow  children to  be  more  focused  and  open  to  learning. Programs  are  offered  in  Private, Montessori,  Daycare and  public/Catholic  Environments 

YOGA FOR SPECIAL NEEDS  individuals,   developing  anchors,  self  regulation and  motor  planning .  We develope  programs  for  ASD, ADHD, PDD, FAS  on  individual  or group  basis.

SPORT CONDITIONING work shops  for  golf,  hockey, running, and horseback riding offer mental focus and body developement  to assist in  improve your performance . 

REHAB AND  CONDITIONING  we  are  not  physiotherapists,  however  we  can help  to regain  flexability  and  mobility  from  previous  injury, muscle loss or  just  lack of  conditioning / use. We  have  programs  developed  to  help assisit  with the  natural aging  progess and  arthritis,  building  weight  bearing ability  and joint  strength. 

In addition  we  offer  pre and  post  natal  yoga ,  yoga  for  children and  yoga differently abled individuals. We  do  not  teach to  one  school  of  thought  or  one  style  of  yoga ,  but  offers  an  eclectic style  to  that  takes  the  benefits from  all yoga ( Hatha,  Ashtanga, etc) 

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